Pity Party

by Mother Goose

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Nick Lesson
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Nick Lesson HOLY SHIT! What a great release this is, its balanced between the ups and downs and every song is worthy of being yelled back in the faces of the Geese when they play live. Favorite track: Pity Party.
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Artwork by Joey Desantis


released April 29, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Cam Boucher at The Metal Shop in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

Mastered by Stephen Kellner at his studio in Westwood, New Jersey

Music and lyrics by Philip McGarry

Drums by Matthew Gooney



all rights reserved


Mother Goose New Jersey

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Track Name: Honey B.
I'm here to express my disaffection
Loudly and proudly- for everyone to hear
Cause they need to know
What lies beneath the surface
The demon inside that
Fucked up, pretty head

So Honey B. tell me,
Were you thinking of me?
When you crawled into his bedsheets to commit infidelities?
Did you love me then or now?
Guess I'll never find out
But I'll do my best to remain apathetic

So tell me about
The walls in your new house
Are they painted black to match your soul?
Still I watch you tweet
About the food you eat
The friends you fake
And the man who replaced me
Still I thank you for showing me the nature of the world
Summarize humanity in a single heartless girl

So Honey B. tell me,
Are you thinking of me?
When you crawl into his bedsheets,
Tell me how the fuck do you sleep?
Did you love me then or now?
Guess I'll never find out
But I'll do my best to remain apathetic

Oh Honey B tell me,
Do you like to see me suffer?
Do you achieve pleasure in my pain?
Cause you shattered a heart that was already broken
Left me with no words to be spoken
So i'll sing till my lungs collapse

I will sing till my lungs collapse

Honey B. tell me,
Are you thinking of me
Honey B tell me,
How do you sleep?
Track Name: The Rain
Lost and broken; Is all I've ever been
This is me living in my darkest hour
You won't find sunshine
Cause I am clouds and I am rain

Well I better not show my face
In this town for at least a couple hundred days
Ruined my name and ran away

And I've got twenty-six dollars in my left pocket that says
"If you gave me your heart, i'd be sure to drop it"
I don't know a thing about you

And I don't wanna know

So I'm gonna pack my bags
And move to sunny California where nobody knows my name
Dissappear without a trace

Now I've got twenty more minutes to sober up
Before I go to work
Another coffee and a cigarette
God I don't know which addiction is worse

Fuck it.
Track Name: Still Ten
Frozen in time like a moment
Some broken hearts never mend
A scared little boy cries out for his father
Cold modern life greets him instead

A decade has passed and you're still ten
Your body has grown but your mind hasn't left
The innocent child wears a big broken smile
Sleeps in the attic with fake junkie friends

I wish I could save you
But the damage is done

Do you remember the night in buffalo where I finally lost my cool?
I said "grow the fuck up" and you slammed the door shut
Left me alone with my thoughts in the room
And I've never been so scared

I wish I could save you
But the damage is done
Oh but I'm not your savior
No, and neither is god

Found out today that you're homeless
Busking for change in the cold
They said that it looks like you're starving
In your worn down, raggedy clothes

I remember when you started college
You'd light up the room with your glow
Now just to see you is torture
The child has swallowed you whole

A lifetime has passed and you're still ten
your body has gone, but your soul hasn't left
The innocent child, sweet, tender and mild
Reunited with dad in the backyard again
Track Name: Trenches
I'm digging holes in my brain
Just trenches underneath the guilt and shame
I've been facing everyday
Cause It's like a war
Where every shot fired is a comment
Or some stupid fucking joke

And that's just the way it is
Cause that's the way it's always been

So keep talking shit
Tell me you're a bigger man
Tell me I chose to live this life
You wouldn't look at me the same way if I stopped living the lie
Become just another faggot in your narrow-sighted eyes

And that's just the way it is
Cause that's the way it's always been
And will be

I pulled the thorns from my heart
They left me bleeding out
And I'd been trying to hide where my honesty died
But I'd rather not lie to myself

So hide behind your holy book
Live your life in fear
Scared of what is natural
Scared to lend and ear
to science logic and and reason
No basic human empathy
your life is rooted in lies
just like mine

And thats just the way it is
Cause that's the way it's always been

You'd better run
Go dig your trench
There's a life of pain ahead
Track Name: Pity Party
I can't help being cynical
Disenchantment lives in my blood and my bones
Because I'm sitting at home while they gather in bars
Empty conversations fill their emptier hearts for a while
And I can't even smile
So tell me, who am I to judge?

Who am I to judge?

So I'll wait
And I'll wait
For you to tell me
That you'd rather spend your Saturday alone on the couch
Than get high with me
So you won't have to talk about
How low I've got in these past few months
Oh tell me "suck it up"
and "you'll get by"
You know you're nothing specially, really
You're nothing special, oh no!

No, you’re nothing special.

And my friends say:
"Oh won't you leave me alone?!
No I can't stand for you to drag me down anymore
Cause you're the common denominator
In your misery equation
No I won't let you take the smile from my face
You can have your pity party by yourself at your place "

That's where I’ll go
That's where I'll be